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perfection-mythVery Often we find ourselves depressed for not being better. We detest ourselves for not being as intelligent as our colleague, capable as our boss, qualified as a friend, smart as our spouse, rich as our neighbour and even lucky as a sibling. We compare with others and crave for being better as someone at something. Whenever we reflect on our life from various dimensions its natural that we find some one better than us or we come in face

WC 2011

Hope you have read my previous post about restart of my blogging activity. To be honest I have no idea what should be my 1st post after restarting my blogging activity. After a lot of brain storming I recalled that the history has been repeated after 28years. India had won the prestigious ICC Cricket world cup 2011. Being an Indian I'm proud that “Men in Blue” won the World Cup. But its not an easy way for them.


Hi all, Hope everyone’s is fine and doing well. First of all my sincere apologies for not posting or replying you these days. It’s almost a year since i had posted here. The main reason for not being able to post is being busy with my MBA classes. The Hectic schedule of mine haven’t let me post up any thing here. Anyways now I'm almost done with

promise Let me start this post with an interesting story developed on characters from the epic Mahabharata. Dharmaraja, the elder of the pandavas was known for his honesty,and commitment and for not telling a lie even once in his lifetime.While gambling with his cousin, he lost everything in betting and as per the agreement between them he has to spend 12years in forest and another year in disguise along with his four brothers and

creativity Its been almost a week, i haven’t written any post.First of all i apologize for this.Its because of being a bit busy with my family functions,tours (need to go to places where net wasn’t available). Also i have done a couple of guest posts. So i was unable to write anything.

The Problem with creative people is they like to do creative things. Throughout history, they have

3d approach All of us know the old tale of Hare and The Tortoise.But when we observe the story carefully it shows us an approach for being successful in life.Here’s the new direction to look in the story and achieve success in life.

negotiation Negotiations are integral to any business dealings whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur.And its an universal wish to get the upper hand at the negotiating table.One wishes to have the position of advantage and make more gains.This can be done provided one knows how to make it a win-win situation.Before you start negotiating ensure that it offers

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